Outpatient Detox in Monroe

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Outpatient alcohol detox is a process of medically managed withdrawal from addictive substances. At the Sanctuary we customize a treatment plan for your needs and the individual is able to go home after each visit. This type of outpatient addiction treatment is typically done over a period of time, with the individual attending regular appointments with a medical professional. During these appointments, the individual will receive medications to help with the withdrawal symptoms, as well as counseling and other support services in our outpatient rehab.

One of the major benefits of outpatient alcohol detox is the flexibility it provides. Individuals are able to continue their daily lives and attend work, school, or other activities while still receiving treatment. This allows them to maintain their daily routines and not have to disrupt their lives in order to receive the outpatient addiction treatment they need. Additionally, it is often more affordable than inpatient detox or residential rehab, as individuals are not required to stay in a facility for an extended period of time.

What is NAD?

NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a form of vitamin B3 that is used to help detoxify the body. It helps to reduce cravings, improve mental clarity, and reduce withdrawal symptoms. It is often used in combination with other medications and treatments to help reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

Holistic and integrated medicines are treatments that focus on the whole person, rather than just the physical symptoms of addiction. This type of treatment provided in our outpatient rehab combines traditional medical approaches with a holistic approach to create a comprehensive treatment plan. This may include counseling, psychotherapy, and other forms of therapy to help individuals gain insight into their addiction and to develop coping skills to help them stay sober.

Nursing, physician, and psychotherapy are all important components of outpatient detoxification. Nurses and physicians provide medical care and support to ensure that the patient is safe and comfortable throughout the process. Psychotherapists provide counseling and support to help individuals better understand their addiction and develop the skills needed to stay sober.

Outpatient detoxification with NAD, holistic, and integrated medicines is an effective way to treat substance abuse. This type of treatment combines traditional medical approaches with a holistic, integrative approach to help individuals detoxify from substances including alcohol. It is important to find a qualified professional to ensure that the patient is getting the best care possible. We are the leaders in Recovery and offer solutions to those that have tried traditional therapies that haven’t been successful. We believe the opposite of addiction is connection. The continuum of care and individualized treatment plans have been what is missing from other treatment facilities. The Sanctuary has a unique outpatient addiction treatment approach that has been proven to be successful for thousands of individuals.


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