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NAD IV Therapy is a modern treatment that uses Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide or NAD to deliver rejuvenating results to the body. NAD is a coenzyme already innate in each person’s human cell. It has a significant role in the body’s cellular conversion of food into energy. Moreover, it regulates cellular function, which is vital for factors that affect the aging process, like DNA and tissue repair.

How Is It Administered?

As the name suggests, this treatment is administered intravenously, which means it is injected directly into your bloodstream. This is the most efficient way for your body to fully absorb the added coenzyme at a molecular level. 

The NAD dosage will depend on your health concern and treatment goal. There is no exact time frame for the administering of NAD+ therapy as it is often done on a case-to-case basis. To give you more background, here is information about some of its promising benefits. 

It Helps Slow Down Age-Associated Diseases

It’s common for your NAD levels to deplete when you age. But because they play a vital role in protecting your cells against stress, NAD deficiency often contributes to age-associated issues like heart disease and diabetes. That’s why boosting their levels through NAD IV therapy is a preventative measure against these health deficiencies, as they help restore damaged and aging cells before they worsen. 

It Aids With Weight Loss

Another great thing about NAD therapy is that it can help you with your weight loss journey. Aside from the fact that NAD is a key element in your cellular repair, it also increases your metabolism. This means it helps burn more fat and it converts them instead into energy that your body uses. Moreover, with increased energy, you’ll likely feel more motivated to do additional weight loss exercises or activities.

It Improves Neurologic Function

NAD therapy has also been found to improve one’s neurologic function. Based on studies, elevating NAD levels impacts not only your cells’ mitochondrial function but also your brain’s cognitive capacity. As a result, it boosts brain processes like your ability to learn and store memory. Aside from that, it increases your serotonin hormone levels, making NAD IV therapy for anxiety a good option. 

Reach Out to NAD Experts

There are many other promising results that NAD IV therapy has delivered based on clinical studies. So if you’d like to learn more about this process, feel free to reach out to us at The Sanctuary. Our friendly Monroe, LA staff members will answer any questions about using NAD for health and wellness. Call now to book an appointment with our specialists today!